Misc. Sessions Film

Experience Rob Dougan’s Misc. Sessions recorded at Abbey Road Studios for FREE for 72-hours in full widescreen .

Stream Free. 22 minutes. May the 11th 2016 at the legendary Abbey Road Studios 2 (Pink Floyd, The Beatles).

These are the first released songs by Rob Dougan since his Grammy-nominated album, Furious Angels.

Critics on Rob Dougan
“A genuine maverick”
The Guardian
“A near-mythical status as a mysterious production genius”
Dazed and Confused Magazine

“The sort of pretension-free soundclash that gives stirring widescreen ambition a good – no – great name””

“The most mysterious figure in the the electronic music scene”
Merchants of Air

 A few responses to Rob Dougan’s Misc. Sessions

“Undone by London was incredible..but I’ve been listening to Open Sore and it’s remarkable ..your music penetrates the heart then reaches deep down into a person’s soul…where we struggle with the vicissitudes of our daily lives.. there is such a beauty and sweetness that surrounds both these songs and the music is truly captivating.” – Jack Hamilton “When I purchased this EP, this hit me so hard… To me, this is the most beautiful piece from this EP in my opinion” – Delti Official “I cannot even express how I feel when I listen to your music; it has the power of making me happy, sad, relaxed”Fernando Rodriguez “These are some of the most beautiful and thought provoking songs I’ve heard in a long while”Andrew Pescod “What can be better than Saturday winter night with Rob s another musical masterpiece!”Vahram Kushchiyan “As an amateur violinist I truly can say that every piece of your work comes as an inspiration for me”Adriana Rojas “Wonderful! The music is very uplifting.”Lynne Stringfellow “It’s backed my drive to a special destination every time I make the trip. Such energy and vivid imagery!”Bluelblock “so fresh and unusual… powerful, funny, strange.. beautiful. almost, heartbreaking. stunning”Peter Bruce (megaplexprjectionist)

About Rob Dougan

Rob Dougan, the artist behind the grammy-nominated Furious Angels, The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and Clubbed to Death on Mo’Wax has worked on projects involving U2, Frank Sinatra, Moby amongst others. His The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions, recorded at Air Lyndhust Studio, London with a 75-piece orchestra and a 40-piece choir, features 5 tracks + a 22 minute film. Released in 2014, this was Rob Dougan’s first orchestral and instrumental release for over a decade.