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To cut to the chase – and to pre-order the new EP now – skip to the end of the post…or click here.

This is the third in a series of EPs leading up to an album. Some of the pieces might, reworked, be featured on the album. It’s a way to share the sessions on the way and to record a lot of perhaps additional work. Each EP has a point and a feeling. So this is a little summary if it’s needed…

The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions

The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions EP was a re-introduction.

Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios with a 75-piece orchestral and 40-piece choir (conducted by James Shearman) with a dramatic huge feeling.

It continued on along the lines of some of the larger orchestral pieces, I’d released in the past, such as Will You Follow Me? (Link here) or Instrumental (link here).

The result was pieces such as ‘Vale’…
or Frescobaldi’s Toccata…

Find out more or purchase the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time EP + Film…

Misc. Sessions EP


Next came the Misc. Sessions. The idea here was to reintroduce some songs with the focus on the lyrics, and a timeless sound with not too much rhythm.

It was a tune-up on the songs front.

With songs like She’s Leaving…
Or Undone By London…

Find out more or purchase the Misc. Sessions EP + Film…

Rob Dougan – The Life of the World to Come Sessions EP

Now comes perhaps the last EP before the forthcoming album, The Life of the World to Come. The title is from one of the songs on it. This sessions recording is starting to introduce cinematic soundscapes, rhythm, beats with songs. It’s denser, darker, heavier than the last two releases.

Here’s a couple of tinny and low-quality hints as to what is to come…the first, a few seconds from the studio 1 at Air Studios…

[First posted to Twitter (link) and Facebook (link) if you can see it or are curious]

and another, once again, very tinny…reviewing one of the drum tracks recorded…

[First posted to Twitter (link) and Facebook (link) if you can see it or are curious]

 Pre-Order Now

Delighted to be able to say this 3rd EP in the series (The Life of the World to Come) can be pre-ordered now.  The Pre-Order price is £7.99 [+ VAT].

The EP will be released September the 30th, 6 PM BST.

Click here, or the image below, to find out more and pre-order now.


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  1. It’s always a joy to hear some new music from Rob so I can’t wait for this EP and of course the album!

  2. To be released on my birthday… What an awesome coincidence! The new work is amazing, Mr. Dougan. Please keep them coming!

  3. It sounds great, and I’m so excited! I am studying orchestration and electronic music, and Rob, I consistently name you as my biggest influence. I can’t wait!

  4. As many here, I can’t wait till it comes out.
    After many years, loving your music, I have to say it’s very difficult to find this kind of music.
    I think I heard clubbed to dead 21 years ago for the first time. Since then I’m a very big fan. Got all your music almost from day one.
    Your are the best!

  5. I can honestly say Rob’s music changed my life forever. It creates a beautiful atmosphere, awaking every single bit of sensitivity. You can feel his music in your skin and lose yourself in there. I’d love he goes on global concert tour, it would kill me to hear his astounding orchestrations and wonderful voice live.

  6. Que dire…si ce n’est que j’attends ce nouvel album avec impatience bien sûr. Rob fait de superbes musiques mais ce que l’on oublie de dire également c’est qu’il à une putain de belle voix rauque et rocailleuse comme rarement il m’à été donné d’entendre. La comparaison avec Joe cocker peut se faire… Alors, oui, Rob, merci encore pour ton travail et ton futur nouvel album. Je le pré-commande.
    PS: Pourquoi ne te voit-on pas sur les vidéos?
    A bientôt

  7. Rob’s first album has had the staying power to follow my wildly swinging musical tastes. Most staunt fans of his will recall the ominous tones of “Clubbed to Death” as played over Neo in the Matrix. It was only after that soundtrack had droned a few hundred times over in my earpiece that I branched off to purchase the whole album where I discovered the wonder of instrumentals. Rob’s mastery of writing for the orchestra is what ushered me from the teenage rebellions of rock n roll and hip hop into a more refined ear where songs no longer needed words to convey deep messages. Even today, I sing “Drinking Song” to my girlfriend whenever it comes on the Ipod. Why this album hasn’t been picked up by a broader audience is beyond me.

    The looming idea of a new album to explore is terrifically exciting. Take whatever time you need. I cannot wait to see where these songs take me!

  8. Oh thank you! We fell in love to your music. It is part of our ‘sound track’. We will follow on with this. By the way, we still love each other madly.

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