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Rob Dougan’s The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions, recorded at Air Lyndhust Studio, London with a 75-piece orchestra and a 40-piece choir, features 5 tracks + a 22 minute film. This is Rob Dougan’s first orchestral and instrumental release for over a decade.

A few responses to Rob Dougan’s The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions:

“Greatness! Worth the wait” – Ed Waddell
“I can’t believe it!!!! This is awesome” – Sebastien Mihail
“This is amazing!” – Helen Snyder
“Heart-rendingly gorgeous” – Pawel Lopatka
“Pure genius, and am eagerly awating the Misc. Sessions EP” – Briscojt
“What a comeback I must say” – Toine Vis
“Waited for over a decade but certainly worth it. Glad to have the master back” – Tom Stringer
“Rob is back” – Ariel Dalton
“Been an Rob Dougan fan since The Matrix. Truly excited that Rob is back” – Mike Wootten

Rob Dougan’s Misc. Sessions was recorded on May the 11th 2016 at the legendary Abbey Road Studios 2 (Pink Floyd, The Beatles).

It is the first release of songs by Rob Dougan since his Grammy-nominated album, Furious Angels.

Featuring a 40-piece string-section as well as a smaller 10-piece ensemble, the tracks are accompanied by instrumental versions bringing the track count to just under 10 pieces. The release will be followed by a film, included in purchase, of the sessions. The pre-order of these sessions will be available for download in August – with updates and excerpts before.